Fashion Resolutions for 2013

Fashion Resolutions for 2013

Fashion resolutions for 2013: wear less black, accessorize more

Wear more color, less black, fashion experts say. This dress is by Kensie (Photo provided by Macy's)

Wear more color, less black, fashion experts say. This dress is by Kensie (Photo provided by Macy’s)

It’s that time of the year when we’re tempted to make resolutions. Fashion and shopping deserve consideration along with all the pledges to eat better and exercise more.

I polled a few fashion leaders around town and here’s what they had to say.

Nancy Sagar, public relations director, Neiman Marcus: “My resolution is to make a clean sweep of my current wardrobe, consolidate my black pants and skirts and add light and bright things to my closet!”

Stephanie Ohnmacht, Denver designer: “Support clothing designers who produce in the USA.”

Charlie Price, creative director for Antoine du Chez. says his wishes are “— kinda boring. To save more money by not spending so much on photo shoots! And of course trying to keep my middle-aged body from getting too fat.”

Mona Lucero, Denver designer: “Accessorize and exercise. To accessorize with more drama and to exercise to look great and to feel happy. Mostly, both are about having fun and taking better care of myself, which I encourage everyone to do.”

Exercise and accessorize more, says designer Mona Lucero (Photo of Nike activewear provided by Nordstrom)

Exercise and accessorize more, says designer Mona Lucero (Photo of Nike activewear provided by Nordstrom)

Rachel Lefort, image consultant: “I would say my fashion resolution (and advice) is to invest in more quality pieces that endure, and buy less of the cheap thrills that do not wear well or last as long.”

Denise Snyder, owner of Mariel: “My new year fashion resolution is to try to wear less black! The good news is they are showing nothing but beautiful colors for spring and lots of beautiful clothes.”

Vanessa Barcus, owner of Goldyn: “To stay true to myself and my own style, regardless of trends or fads.”

Lauren Metz, owner of Delish Demure: My fashion resolutions are: find the perfect pattern leggings and jeans, and bring back the peplum on key pieces in my closet. And I’m not going to be afraid of color and color blocking.”

Brandi Shigley, fashion promoter and handbag designer: “My resolution for 2013 is to make use of what I have. I want to find new ways to put together pieces that are already in my wardrobe and find different ways to wear them. It might be modifying the piece (changing out buttons on a favorite sweater, cutting off sleeves and turning an old tee into a dress, etc.) Also, I’ve just inherited some beautiful vintage capes that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe as well. I have lot of clothes. I definitely DON’T need to be buying anymore. That includes handbags ;)”

Fallene Wells, Denver designer: “My fashion resolutions is to get my designs in Denver boutiques. My personal fashion resolution is that I would like to be open to trying new trends that might be out of my comfort zone, like shorter hem lengths with tights and dressing in more solids with accessories.”

Milena Joy, image consultant: “I’m going to be diligent about my personal beauty routines by adding everything from reminders to replace my Clarisonic brush head and mascara every three months to pre-setting appointments for haircuts, facials and manicures onto my 2013 calendar! These little beauty treats are the first to fall by the wayside when work gets hectic, but I know they are important to keep me looking and feeling good all year!”

Michael Moore of Simply Moore Studio has this fashion advice: “Follow trends that work for you. If you’re confused about what works, ask an honest friend.
Metallic eyeshadow and liners were fabulous this holiday season, but the party’s over. Metallic is out if used in excess. Go for shimmer now, not frost.”

Molly Brenneman, designer for My Lola jewelry: “My resolution is to dress up more. One of the great things about fashion in Denver is that it leans to a more casual look, which makes going out a pretty easy affair. But there is something to be said for the way women dressed 60, 70 years ago that I see returning to the style of clothes coming out in 2013…more tailored, well-cut lines to flatter a woman’s shape and showcase, rather than hide, one’s curves.
Also, “To step outside my comfort zone as a designer. Being a jewelry designer means I get to create the jewelry I would like to wear. It can be easy to fall into comfortable designs. I hope to embrace new techniques and influences.”

I have a few pledges I’d like to float as well, including:

Stop being blinded by sales and buy what I truly love and need. I recall a wardrobe consultant once telling me, “The most expensive clothes in your closet are the ones you never wear, no matter what you paid for them.”

Focus on buying items that are of the best quality I can afford. Make sure I love what I buy, and buy less.

Purchase American-made goods whenever I can.

Clean out my closet on a regular basis. Having too much to look at is annoying and a waste of time in the long run.

Do you have resolutions to share? Please tell us! And have a fashionable new year!

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CRAVE Photoshoot

CRAVE Photoshoot

I am honored to be a part of the Denver CRAVE Guide Book 2012, volume 2.  There are so many amazing women featured!

Below is a sneak peak of the pictures for the stephanie O. feature.

Thank you Shannon Gray for the fabulous pictures and rockstar model Lauren Sawkins.

CRAVE Photoshoot with Stephanie O.CRAVE Photoshoot with Stephanie O., Paulette dressCRAVE Photoshoot with Stephanie O.CRAVE Photoshoot with Stephanie O., Michelle dressCRAVE Photoshoot with Stephanie O., Maryanne Skirt Martina Top

Goldyn Trunkshow

Frock Out – Winter

Frock Out – Winter

For winter, I wanted to do something unexpected so I did a retake on a vintage cape made of soft gray wool but with an orange lining that would peek through with the motion of the wearer. All seams on the cape have been top-stitched in orange and complemented with orange buttons.  The skirt is done with draped chiffon.
This cape could be your go-to piece for both work and a night out.  

Frock Out – Fall

Frock Out – Fall

My fall look was inspired by the fabric itself – a gray and white jacquard. I wanted a diverse collection of silhouettes in the collection, so here I branched out into comfortable but fitted pants with a flowing pink silk-chiffon blouse.  
This is an easy way to pull silk pants into the work environment.   Pair with a white blouse to tone down the color but keep the color pop in the shoes.

Frock Out – Summer

Frock Out – Summer

For the summer dress, I worked with a shimmery pearl-gray Bengaline Faille fabric accented with orange piping for a bit of subtle sex appeal.  The bubble hem is emphasized  by the stiff drape of the faille fabric.  
A frock like this is perfect an evening wedding or special event.

Frock Out – Spring

Frock Out – Spring

Frock Out Challenge #1: Spring
The spring dress was a bit unconventional in that I used a heavier material than one might naturally choose for the season (home decorator material). The fabric color is woven through as to create an inverse pattern on the back of the fabric. Draping the skirt was lots of fun, and I was happy with the resulting three-dimensional cascading folds.
This dress is perfect for Sunday brunch or an afternoon wedding.Frock Out - Spring